Yikes Mommy Yikes!!!


As a first time parent, I tend to learn as I go. Assuming most of us are in the same case. There really is no TRUE guidebook on “How to Parent”. Nope, just your own guide. You know the guide that works for you and says, “Well how I am going to handle this ______?”

My daughter is 2. She is beautiful, smart, and a fireball. She’s 2 ya’ll. You probably think the same thing of your kid(s) at their age too. At the age of two, apparently, the toddler stage is an important part of their development as they learn how to use their problem solving skills, become more independent, and tend to take on the world with the word “No”.This just described my sweet little girl to a “t”. However this isn’t just about her, but more about myself and my journey in raising my child.

Raise your hand if you enjoy breaks? Time off? Vacations? There is no such thing once you have entered the joys of parenthood, but there are lazy days. You know the lazy days  you want to sit down on the couch, watch Netflix and ignore all the chores. Where you really encourage your kid(s) to play in their room. With the millions of toys they have, and NEVER touch.

Well I had one of those days and while it was very relaxing it was also very nerve racking. Let get to it.

Scary Monsters!!!!

My husband and I chose to take a relax day and Netflix it up. Our little one was running back and forth between the room, her toys, the iPad, the TV. Now, rightfully admitting the show that we choose to watch was not the best for little eyes to see, she did watch a bit here and there. I found that she was actually watching a little more than I wanted her too. I felt like I took a little bit of purity from her, as the T.V. blared with deathly screams, scary monsters, gory parts, violence, and death.


Yes, it was a scary show, and before you go any farther; just think about what exactly your children may be watching or video gaming.

Growth & Development

I had mentioned Growth and Development, because I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of outcome these horror flicks could have the growth of her development now and even possibly the future. While reading through “Engaging Children’s Minds: The Project Approach” by Lillian Katz and Sylvia C. Chard, stated that while little exposure to horror movies and shows may not effect the child noticeably at that moment, it does not mean the they would not have deleterious effect later on in life. IF and only if they were exposed more frequent.

More frequent…….???? What or who is to say is more frequent? Is frequent on a daily? Or maybe its weekly, or could this mean monthly? My personal definition of frequent is to be active with the subject at hand for 2 to 3 times a week, continuisly for months.

During the age 2 years to 5 years, it is said at this time is where most of the toddlers cognitive development skills are really peaked. Meaning they pick things up quickly or what they have learned may stick with them. Now knowing that the “horror” “yikes” “scary” “monster” or even “spooky” shows that we introduce to her could have a small effect on her. Even with all the the good, fun, delightful things we do as a family there is a chance of a small foggy dust cloud that can still taint all the good we do.

Lessons Learned, Round 2 Begins!

Once the lazy day was over, my child was wired with lots of energy! This is because she had no outlet all day. She didn’t take a nap because she had so much energy, but at 930 pm after the day was done, we laid down and she crashed. She didn’t have any scary dreams, thank the heavens, but she was some what restless.

Parenting is hard, its scary. I’m not perfect but something that I have taken away from todays lessons, and other days (yes there had been other lazy days) is that I did learn something. What is it I learned you may ask, well:

1. Age Appropriate, one site I found that I am very much enjoying, commonsensemedia.org 
2. No more scary, yikes, monsters, spooky binges
3. IF (and ONLY IF) she is around and sees something, TALK TO HER about it. Calm my kiddo down. Explain its not real, and possibly Redirect the attention elsewhere (i.e. coloring, building blocks, or reading a book)
4. Getting ready for bed, let her pick out her favorite book, read it and then sing a sweet lullaby to help the yikes go away.


Television is a funny thing. We get lost in different world through it, and forget to be in the world we are in now. Being in the moment we live. When you take a lazy day sometimes you miss out on the conversations you could have had, the memories you could have made.

Lazy days are good, but maybe not a full lazy day in front of the TV. Mix it up and creat family fun activities. Build a fort, play hide and play a board game or bake some cookies. Have some family fun at home.

Who are We

Why is it “we” and not “I”, you may ask? Simple enough, the answer is… once you say “I do” then bring a beautiful baby into your world, and include 100 lbs Akita, there is no “I”. Not all the time anyway, we’ll get to that another day.

Majority of my days, weeks, months, etc include a 2.5 year old, a loving husband, and the constant consistently shedding Akita. We enjoy your typical outings at the Park,  our Zoo adventures, Beautiful Beach days, Aquarium exploration, lazy days at home (now thats a sight to see) and do our best to cook at home. Feeding our family and most importantly our daughter, only the best and hopes  to be the most fresh ingredients at the cheapest cost to try and avoid most processed food ,BUT we are human and we finally just had enough cooking and dishes so we choose to eat out at,  In-and-Out instead. Don’t judge, I’m sure you all have been there. Maybe not In-and-Out, could be McD’s, Whataburger, or even the Chick-fil-A. I’m just saying we need our break too.

Just a scratch…

Hello, I am mommy, thats the name I’m going by these days, but those who speak with me on a daily, and not in gibberish or broken sentences (unless they had a few) call me Tiffany or Tiff. Prior to my wife and mommy days, I was a sailor for the United States Navy. Its sounds so glorious, but it was a lot of hard work. Rewarding, but hard. There were some glory days in it, a lot of memories and seeing all kinds of wonderful places and meeting all kinds of new people. I was also and probably will always be a softball junkie. I am a Christian, and on a constant journey in my spiritual life. There is so much about who I am, and we will learn more as we dig deeper into this blog. So lets pace ourselves here and just scratch at the surface one tiny layer at a time.

Dog Days

First it was my dog, the 100 pound America Akita, Ella. She was named after the song “Umbrella” by Rihanna. I was dancing around the living room of my apartment and the song came on the radio. I turned it up so loud jamming out cleaning, and then the “umbrella” part came on. As I sang loud and proud with tone def ears, repeating the “ella ella ella” part she started to howl, bark, turning circles. At the time it was cute and oh so adorable, none the less did I know she just wanted me to stop singing. She entered my life when I was a young sailor. She was my saving grace in that chapter of my life.

Marriage & Baby

Then came the marriage, my husband is actively serving in the military. I think we are going the distance people. I mean at least one of should, jumped ship at 8 years. I was ready to start a family. So he took wheel and has been steering the ship for the last 5 years, or is it 6? Then came the kiddo! What a blessing she has been to our family, and a true  test of patience. She is amazing. Her thing she loves this month are: Boss Baby(but who doesn’t like Alec Baldwin), Chalk Boards, Throwing every bit of play food over our patios rails, telling me to say “yes” to everything, and finally laying down at night asking me for big big hugs and big big kisses with snuggles.  Oh melt my heart!!!! Right?

An Everyday Life with an Everyday Family!!!

That about wraps up the quick yet simply interesting beginning of my family, and this is an Everyday Life with an Everyday Family. We live everyday day to day, making things work pretty much on the fly. There may be a schedule but 99% of the time that schedule never stays strong and true. Instead we say, screw it, lets do this.


The Why

Why? Blogs? Hobbies? Creativity? Escapes?

Totally new this thing and I wanted to try something new and different.

Going from an All Star Athlete to a working military woman and then to the current chapter of my life, you learn lessons, you teach lessons, and you even create solutions or problems.

My why is because I want to share, escape, create, and enjoy what life hands us.