580 Days

The last few days had been so much fun. We spent Friday Night under the lights at ball field. He watched me smoke a guy in Right Center field, we drank a beer, came home and watched our daughter paint. Saturday night we gathered with our family, and watched the fight. It was good fight. We drank more beer, had so much food, so much fun, so much laughter. We didn’t want the night to end. Sunday was blur. Our family went to church, had lunch with our pastor, treated our daughter to her favorite purple ice cream from Lighthouse Creamery, in OB. We walked to beach and then headed home. We got home and didn’t really talk all that much. I believe we just wanted to avoid the sadness we were both feeling.

Our daughters tearing the house us, and I am helping my husband pack. It was a hard day. It was a hard couple of days.

Monday came to fast.

We dropped our daughter off at school that day, thinking, “Check ya Later” would be a tad bit easier. It wasn’t.

I helped him carry his bags in to the airport, bought a tea van pineapple “infusion” tea, (IT WAS CRAP), AVOIDING the dreaded “bye”. People say “its not goodbye, it’s see ya soon” or “till next time” blah blah blah… its bye. I did my best to hold it together, because its already hard enough to see your best friend go. (ugh, I’m tearing up as I type this”) Yea I wore my sunglasses inside, its San Diego there is SUN EVERYWHERE.

I drove around aimlessly for a while there, ended up at a nail salon and got the second to most expensive pedicure, and got lost in social media for while. By the time I was done, it was time to pick my little one up from playskool.

After 7 times trying to figure out the damn code to get into the school then battling the bathroom door, I picked up a smiling child covered in pasta sauce! it warmed my heart. I got into the car, and text was waiting “boarding now, Love You!( insert kissy emoji here)” That right we use lovey dovey emoji’s, who doesn’t? I sat in the car blaring music, think Goo Goo Dolls was on the radio. I sat there, still, thinking “holy shit this is really happening.” I cried again. Pulled it together and brought us home.

Thankfully my Best friend came over with her little one, so the kids could get some energy out and I was able to cry on a friends shoulder. We watched Netflix, talked, and kept the sadness away. I played a pick up softball game for a beer league. Nope no beer for me, not this time anyway. I played well, it allowed me to smile some. I was swinging for the fences all night so every hit was at the fence but it just wasn’t enough to go over the fence.

I’ve never been a home run hitter, always the base hit kinda gal.

We came home had hotdogs, watched some TV, and my little one kept asking about her dad and his work trip.


We went to the San Diego Zoo, we ran and laughed and played. My husband made it safely to his destination. We came home watched a movie, next thing you know its 830 at night. Bath time, 2 stories, and angry toddler. She didn’t want to sleep. She wanted to see her daddy and her monkey, George.

My husband took her Curious George Monkey with him, so that George can travel the world just like the books.

Did you know there is a new documentary about Curious George, and how this iconic figure came to be. I wonder if I can get my toddler to watch that Curious George Show??


In progress… so far so good! Took the pooch to OB Dog Beach, she jumped right in. If you have any knowledge of the Akita breed, you know that Akita’s are not swimmers. Well, my old girl has proven me wrong. We have been many times and each time is the same, she walks the shore, trots the waves crashing the beach, and gets in just deep enough where her belly touches but she can still touch. Today, she chased a dog toy in the water full head under, she came up out of the water and bee lined back towards me. I guess the rush was enough. She was out there again. Never brought the dog toy back, but she went swimming for a good 30 mins.

What to Expect

I guess with this chapter in our families lives this blog will turn into a semi countdown of day to day events. So if by chance my husband gets to read this he gets to live it just like you all. And other days this will be just another blog about another something.

till next time…….—–like how I did that?——


Countdown Continues

Date Night

Last night was a date night for us. Our good friend babysat., We made our way towards our perfect little beach town of Ocean Beach. We walked the farmers market, smiled and said “Thank You”, to our peanut butter man as we purchased our favorites and his limited edition flavors. 5150 Peanut Butter is the BEST EVER. If you haven’t tried it, you haven’t lived. We made our way to the Cheese Man, Chez Elliott. Tasting multiple cheeses, from blue cheese, cheddar, brie, and gouda’s. Gouda is our favorite. We dropped a pretty penny on cheese, but its so good. The aroma of food, flowers, incense, and salty air hit my nose and put a smile on my face.

As I walked hand in hand with my best friend, we headed toward the OB Noodle House. We had our drinks and our meal (AMAZING FOOD!!) We sat there talking about the adventures to come, then it hit me, this is my last week with  best friend. He leaves next week to spend some time in the Middle East.


Our daughter asked her dad yesterday, “You coming to my birthday party daddy?” (her birthday isn’t till January and we are planing a trip to Disney Land) He had to tell her, “Im not sure baby girl. Daddy will try, but remember Daddy will be gone for work for a long time.” She looked at him and said, “Okay Daddy, you work and Mommy take me.” She then looked at me, smiled, and said “okay Mommy?” And of course my eyes weld up and I said “yeh sweetie, I’ll take you. We will take lots of pictures just in case, Daddy can’t make it. Deal?” Daughter replied, “DEAL!!!”


Today we are painting the dinning room. Something i have always wanted to do. I like bright colors, but the husband had to pull me back some. I was going to go crazy bright orange, its still bright, but soft at the same time. I love the HGTV section of paint in Lowes. I don’t even watch HGTV because it pisses me off. Wishing I had that kind of money to spend, or wishing I was that crafty. I am not a DIY momma. My husbands more of a DIY guy. We are perfect for each other.

Passion VS Hobbies

Passion. It is an emotion that is such a strong feeling about a person or thing. It can have an intense emotion or compel excitement for someone or something.

Hobby. An activity don’t regularly in ones leisure time for pleasure

Do you know the difference? Have you ever stopped to think about which is your passion and which is your hobby? Do you ever use the love for a hobby? Has that become a passion? Does it take precedence over your loved ones? Or has your loved ones become the hobby?

15 Days

15 Days until he leaves for his overseas tour. You can tell its getting a little emotional around here. Our daughter knows something is up, but she is not to sure what exactly it is. I feel this is why she is acting like a wild a child. We have taken all the steps that Fleet and Family Suggest, and the books say to do.

1.) Sitting down and talking to her, showing her on a map where Dad will be. Where we live.
2.) Make fun family days and giving her memories that she can look forward to when Dad comes back
3.) We tell her all the time that Dad will be going away for work for some time, but will see him on the “homework” thats what she calls my laptop or desktop

Thanks to our amazing local Library, San Diego Public Library, Mission Valley Branch, they put together this Issue Pack. Titled, “Military Parent Deployed”. This kit has multiple books for you and your family to read together to start the topic of talking about the changes that will happen in months to come.

These books have given me great ideas to make this time apart from dad hopefully easier by crafting ideas ( I AM NOT A CRAFTY MOMMA! I DESPISE THE MESS), countdown fun days, gift exchange ideas, and so much more.

Some of the books are:

I Miss You! – Beth Andrews

Night Catch – Brenda Ehrmantraut

Lily Hates Goodbyes – Jerilyn Marler

11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph – Darcy Pattison

When Dad’s at Sea – Mindy L. Pelton

While Your Away – Eileen Spinelli

Red, White & Blue Good-bye – Sarah Wones Tomp.

I bring this back into round circle, my passion 10 years ago was ball. My hobby 10 years ago was family, sad I know.


TODAY, MY PASSION IS MY FAMILY! They are my heart, my love, my life, my friends, my everything, my hobby is ball. Ball keeps me distracted from the harsh reality that my best friend will be miles away for multiple months.

20 Days

You Got This

Day 1, you didn’t make it, stiff margaritas, anger,

Day 2, I’m on the list! Yay! —–now what, phone calls, breakfast excitement joy

Day 3, still waiting for word on what to do.

Day 4, no word yet, what to do. I’m watching my husband work on his workbook. 9pm read books watch movie in bed with little one, she wants daddy. I explain daddy working.

Day 5, really day 1 of the season for us. 4am whole house is up. One car, I’m am getting shit done! Kid is dressed rocking bed head, I’m in pjs rocking a fish hat, husbands in his is blue and gold PT gear ready to get his sweat on.
Coughing like crazy, “Hunny you okay…?”
“Yeah, I’m fi…..” runs to the bathroom and pukes….
“Here’s your bagel, just breath hun, it’s the nerves. Something new and different. You got this”
“Thanks babe” he responds.

As we get in our One Car, we head towards the base. On the silent hwy of 15S.
“I’m excited and sad” as he turned to look at me. Our daughter is singing moana in the back seat. “Why is that?” Stupid question…. because it gave me the feels as soon as he answered.
” I’m supposed to be on leave spending time with my family, before I go over seas for 2 years”…… silence from both of us.

The Challenge

We found out in March he got selected for orders over seas. He is doing an                  unaccompanied tour for 18-24 months. We say 24 just in case thing get screwy, but we are hoping for the later, 18 months would be way cooler!

Your probably asking why unaccompanied? Why would anyone put their families through that? Isn’t that just asking for problems? All great questions, however simple truth, while he is out there we would never see him.

He would be working so much. With watch standing duties, his schedule rotation of in and outs. The experience would be fun, but the truth, I don’t want to pull my daughter from her school, church, friends, and family.

FaceTime will be our number one source of communication.

All this has happened before 7am.

As the day passed we keep getting mixed news. No one knows what going on. Will he stay? Will he go? Do I get to be there with him when the moment comes or will I will be thousand of miles away watching this once in a lifetime event on social media, FaceTime, or just mere seconds captured throughout a lens.

He’s leaving. Im crying, my daughters looking at me puzzled, and my dog well she keeps shedding.

20 Days.

Rainbow of Beauty

The ocean shimmered like fresh cut glass today. As we rode down the PCH, with our windows down, the cool salty air whipped through our vehicle kissing us each on the nose. The smell was refreshing.

As you look out the window, you see crystal clear water, umbrellas blanketing the sand, bathing suits of all colors, beach chairs ranging from solids to prints, and so many hats and sunglasses. Surfboards of different shapes and sizes. It was looking at a walking rainbow of beauty.

The different dogs running and fetching their dog toys, the kids playing in the sand.

My daughter keeping the beat of the song on the radio while looking out her window. She pushes her hair out of her face and smiles while lifting her chin to sun. She is a California girl.

As we headed home, I look beyond the highway and watching the shimmering glass turn into t frothy waves crashing into the beach, and I think “What a beautiful postcard we live in.”

The beach, the ocean, this is where I come to let go. Soon though, I will take it to a new level and ride those waves.. yes ladies and gents the journey to surfing will soon begin.


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Partner is  the other half of a pair, add “SHIP” and then you have an amazing word.

My partner helps me smile, laugh, adventure, and gets me out of my comfort zone.  My partner pushes buttons, frustrates me, and drinks his coffee black as the night. My partner works hard, walks the Akita, does the dishes, the laundry, and makes a killer margarita. My partner gets up early not for work, but have his hours of “him” time drinking coffee, listening to podcast, wile sitting on the porch of our SD Apartment. My partner reads 700 page books while eating beef jerky. My partner takes a true breath when he is on the beach, toes in sand, or climbs up the walls of rocks, and hiking trails.

Were gearing up for a really lengthy time apart, duty calls! While he is takes the next steps towards a new beginning in his career, I will be taking steps of my own, on my own journey. Be looking for some wild and crazy post that will come out of our journey(s) both apart but together in the seasons of adventures.

PartnerSHIP is hard. You must communicate, trust, believe and lean on one another.

I am proud of my Partner, my Best Friend, my Love, My hunny!

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Brusha Brusha Brusha!!!

How many times have you told your little one(s) to brush your teeth? With my toddler, this is a constant. “Lets go get those teeth clean” “Can we go brush our teeth with Mickey?’

Yes you heard that right, Mickey.

We spend about 4 mins a day, enjoying brush time with the Oral-B Disney Magic Timer App.

In this app, the child gets to choose from their many favorite Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars Characters, to brush with. As of 4 days ago we have switched to Mickey, but started with Sully from Monsters Inc., then to Elsa from Frozen, then the Hulk, and so on and so forth.


The App

Once you open the app, you can add as many “Brushers” as you want. Select your “brusher” and it will bring you to their personal brushing page. On this page has the “Glowing Toothbrush” a Calendar, and an Album. Each of these buttons has its own hidden gems.

images-5The Glowing Toothbrush

Who doesn’t want to push a button the glows! I know my daughter does. Even when she doesn’t want to brush but wants to pretend. She gest the cool rewards for brushing. The glowing toothbrush opens up to a timer of 2 minutes. It starts with an opening video, of the chosen book of rewards your child had selected. As the timer starts, the toothbrush slowly reveals the picture under all the foamy bubbles of virtual toothpaste fun.

images-1Days of Brushing

Oh! The calendar of fun. This calendar keeps track of your child(s) brushing progress. The child receives stars the days he or she brushes. Its pretty fool proof to understand, but no stars are given when there was not a successful day of brushing. Half a star is given to them if they brushed once a day. A full star is rewarded to your little brusher when he or she has had an full successful day of brushing 2 times a day.

Within the calendar it keeps track of the dates and what reward your brusher received. Some of the rewards are first time brusher, to brights smiles, to pro brushers.

Picture Books

Besides the golden toothbrush button, the Album button is my daughters favorite feature. This is where your little one get to look through all their albums. The albums are a collection of stickers that relate to the book that they are working on. Once they have completed a book, a new one unlocks.






My daughter has been trying to open up the Star Wars book for a while, but she must finish Frozen first.

“I brushed my teeth!!!”

Every bit of this App is awesome. My daughter loves to brush her teeth and because of the Magic Timer App, brushing her teeth has turned into a fun time. She smiles, laughs, and dances to the songs in the back ground. I even find myself brushing my teeth with her, dancing along side her, because we all know how hard it is to take 2 minutes out of our rushed day to brush via Daily Prompt: Toothbrush