Partner is  the other half of a pair, add “SHIP” and then you have an amazing word.

My partner helps me smile, laugh, adventure, and gets me out of my comfort zone.  My partner pushes buttons, frustrates me, and drinks his coffee black as the night. My partner works hard, walks the Akita, does the dishes, the laundry, and makes a killer margarita. My partner gets up early not for work, but have his hours of “him” time drinking coffee, listening to podcast, wile sitting on the porch of our SD Apartment. My partner reads 700 page books while eating beef jerky. My partner takes a true breath when he is on the beach, toes in sand, or climbs up the walls of rocks, and hiking trails.

Were gearing up for a really lengthy time apart, duty calls! While he is takes the next steps towards a new beginning in his career, I will be taking steps of my own, on my own journey. Be looking for some wild and crazy post that will come out of our journey(s) both apart but together in the seasons of adventures.

PartnerSHIP is hard. You must communicate, trust, believe and lean on one another.

I am proud of my Partner, my Best Friend, my Love, My hunny!

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