Rainbow of Beauty

The ocean shimmered like fresh cut glass today. As we rode down the PCH, with our windows down, the cool salty air whipped through our vehicle kissing us each on the nose. The smell was refreshing.

As you look out the window, you see crystal clear water, umbrellas blanketing the sand, bathing suits of all colors, beach chairs ranging from solids to prints, and so many hats and sunglasses. Surfboards of different shapes and sizes. It was looking at a walking rainbow of beauty.

The different dogs running and fetching their dog toys, the kids playing in the sand.

My daughter keeping the beat of the song on the radio while looking out her window. She pushes her hair out of her face and smiles while lifting her chin to sun. She is a California girl.

As we headed home, I look beyond the highway and watching the shimmering glass turn into t frothy waves crashing into the beach, and I think “What a beautiful postcard we live in.”

The beach, the ocean, this is where I come to let go. Soon though, I will take it to a new level and ride those waves.. yes ladies and gents the journey to surfing will soon begin.


via Daily Prompt: Shimmer

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