Vegas  Baby!

Man if I was to go back in time and tell my younger self, “when your friends offer to pay your way to Vegas and experience the crazy.—– you should take it!”

I went to Vegas about a month ago, for a Womens Worlds Softball Tournament, hosted by  Global Sports Leauge (GSL). While the tournament, our team didn’t do to hot due to “drama” of course… ugh women!!! The aftermath was very entertaining!

The first night we went to the bar Gold Spike, somewhere around old Vegas, and we had a good time. The second night was by far the most entertaining. From drunkin adult board and puzzle games, to beer stealing jail thugs, and hoping a taxi to make it to a strip club, where my BFF puked in her mouth 3xs and swallowed to try and save it, but just didn’t make it, and we were not allowed to re-enter!

While Vegas was fun, as a mother, and having the adult life and responsibilities, I think I rather go see a show, eat at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant, see the lights, and see my daughters face light up with amazement of the colors and lights of the night.

I get another chance coming up this weekend, Vegas bound, this time my little one gets to come and pending on our game schedules we get to see the Vegas lights and maybe some kid friendly shows!

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