It’s Okay, Mom

I sat at the table yesterday crying. Looking at my child feeling like a Bad Mom.

My daughter asked for meatballs and green beans for dinner, I got home later than expected. I had to be somewhere in about an hour, I didn’t have everything in the house to make her the meal she asked for, instead I went to Subway, and got her a meatball marinara sandwich, hopping this will satisfy her craving.

She looked up at me and gave me a kiss. touched my face and said, ” Its okay, Mom.” Then hugged me. She then processed to do something silly, looked at me smiled and said, see silly me.

She gets it. She knows I am having a rough patch. That I miss her father, my partner, my best friend! Only 401 Days left!


Your not that good. Tuck your ears on up in that hat, wear all the gear, make sure to look the part… but damn can you at least play the part?

“Can I go home now?”…. after he has gone ofer… if you don’t know what ofer is.. that means you didn’t get on base, nor have a SAC at least. “yes please, pack your shit.. bye. No one wants to play with you anyway”

Ugh SO OVER THE TOP! When did it become about who has the coolest stuff, the best gear, and ONLY smashing? What happened to playing and having some fun. Its mixed, we all play, we do the part, but when you aint having fun no one wants to play.

….. they stayed, they played….

Eeeeefinking Slow-pitch


Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

Whats your resolution? >>>>>> Oh you know, loose weight, go to the gym, cook more often, save some money, spend less time on social media >>>>>>>>>>>

>>>> 2 weeks later, haven’t made it to the gym, still eating out, gained weight, making even more plans on social media with friends, oh and still broke!


My little one just turned 3!!! What a fun day. The stress of it being what she asked for was crazy but totally worth the smiles and laughs and the memories.

See, I only remember one birthday, and it wasn’t my 16th, 18th, 21st, or 30th, it was my 4th or 5th…. and I only remember that because my mother wrapped a gift in newspaper funnies. I thought it is was so cool to have newspaper wrapping. My cake was white, with the little round rainbow dots all over it, I had a piñata, we were on our back porch patio the looked out in grassy area of the big park in base housing. This is my fondest memory as a child’s birthday. Simple and fun…

Its funny how now children birthday are both simple and elaborate. We as parents choose which way we want to go. For my littles ones 1st and 2nd B-day was super simple. Literally family only on the 1st, and on the 2nd birthday she had a small park birthday with cupcakes.

For some reason though for her 3rd birthday I felt the need and urge to do a tad bit more. I started wondering why, then all my psychology courses I had taken to be somewhere awesome in life in a few years because I was going to be some big time psychologist or something… anyway, they took a course of action and realized my urge to do more was because at the age of 3, toddlers tend to really start remember and recognizing and holding on to things more… therefore I wanted to do my best to give her the best 3rd birthday. That way for her 4th, or 5th, or 6th… if we are not somewhere stable because the military is unknown and you never really know whats goin

  The Birthday!!!!

“Hey sweetie, what kind of birthday party would you like?” as I asked my soon to be 3 year old.

“Um, nanananananananananananana BATGIRL!” as she danced around Chick-fil-a in her rainboots, puffy coat, and batgirl beanie. Mind you we are not in Cali at this time, but instead, a freezing cold Central Texas.

For the next 2 weeks, Im the slave of Etsy, Pinterest, and Amazon. Looking for the best ideas and the coolest gems and the most cost efficient gadgets. Getting cake ideas, cookie ideas, game ideas.

After all the money spend and time and energy spent on the internet, the birthday was a success. Easy, not to expensive, and kept kiddos entertained as well as parents happy and relaxed.

From batgirl themed, to princess bounce house, slap bracelets, piñata, coloring table, and bubbles it was a total success.

Here are some of the fun to see!

Cake by Blondies Sweet Shop

Birthday Get Up by Bows & Ballers by Gwen