close cirlce

Well the ladies won states! Now they are on to Nationals.

I am proud of these ladies. They have overcome a lot with in the past 8 months.

When the team started, no one thought the team was going to do well. I mean, we were getting our butts handed to us. We couldn’t win a game, but we moved some people around, made some line up changes, kept a few on reserve and worked. From BP to practices, to league nights, to good tournaments to bad tournaments.

If you don’t know anything about the softball community it is small! Very small! So if you in end up doing something wrong, right, poor, well, bad, good, only the bad sticks with you. Its sad, but I have done my darnedest to keep it from being any way like that!

I want nothing but positives in my life. There is to much negative in the world, and we create our positive and our negatives. Therefore, if there is negative around I will cut that right out. I don’t have time for that. My family doesn’t have time for that. My child should not be subjected to poor words about her mother or people her mother enjoy.

Remember that, Kids hear everything! My daughter, 3 years old mind you, asked me why that lady I was talking to hurt your heart. Yup, she heard somethings. All she remembered was mommies heart was hurt.

Well, just remember. No matter how good and nice things are, there is always someone looking to push you down. Sad but true. However if you work hard keep  your circle close then maybe you wont have to have a hurt heart.

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