Story Telling

NBkWlDbgT5Os8nX5S5QFRwHave   you ever sat down and read your child’s favorite book?

How  many times have you read it?

Do you know it by heart?

Well I love to read to my little one, but I don’t like to read, personally…. that is why you will find many typos in my stories.. sorry about that! (Not sorry). My husband on the other hand LOVES LOVES LOVES TO READ and will put his NOSE in a GOOD old BOOK. We are two different people for sure!

Well I still read her favorites, Good Nights Moon, How to Catch a Monster,  Curious George Books (All of them), 3 Little Pigs, Popcorn Dragon and a few more I can’t remember off the top of my head.  Sometimes reading the same book gets tiring.

In turn I’ve opened  her mind up to new adventures. She gets to help me make up with her own characters and her own stories. Now they it have become a series. I am thinking about actually writing them up and maybe finding someone that can illustrate them, ….  but thats a lot of proof reading!

But It could be fun!

What if I told the stories here?