Taking a Look at Me

Hello, I’m Tiffany. I’m a  woman with many different titles. Some of these titles are Mommy, wife, veteran, sister, daughter, friend, coach, and mentor.

As I was born and raised in central Texas, I also had the pleasures of living in the south east, east coast, and mid west. Now my family and I live in a postcard, beautiful sunny San Diego, California.

I never graduated from high school. Where I lived in small town called Cedartown, Georgia. I did receive my GED in 2003. At that moment I was able to earn an athletic scholarship to play fast pitch softball. I attended a junior college in a small town, Cleveland, Tennessee named Cleveland State Community College. After my two years of junior college, I was then recruited play for a small college in Southern Georgia, Brewton Parker College. After the course of my my years playing, I was exhausted and broke. Thats what my life was, school, softball, work, and then maybe my studies.

My parents were not made of money, so on top of a full class load, full athletic responsibilities to my scholarships and team, I had also had to work a part time job. That felt like a full time job. My schedule was harsh, in class by 8 a.m., at practice by noon, at work by 4 p.m., at home by 2 a.m., just to get up by 7am to start the day all over again.

2010 DC2 (SW) Tiffany Castillo, USN. Landing Ship Dock (LSD)43, USS Fort McHenery

2006, I joined the military, this is where 8 years of my life was spent. Serving our fine country. Traveling the horn of Africa, Egypt, Haiti, Croatia, Spain and many other places. I ate authentic foods, swam in oasis, rode a camel, traded a hair tie for some shoes, got a tattoo in Italy and so much more.

1537680_580899825825_871844596_oIn 2011, my life changed for ever, I met my husband. I knew he was the one right away, but we still both believe that neither one of us would have given the other the time of day, if it wasn’t for a mutual friend. Our love grew strong through the polar vortex in Chicago, as the lights danced under a fresh blanket of snow at Zoo Lights in Lincoln Park Zoo. 2013 we said, our “I do’s” then got on the road and headed to California.

2015, my heart was beat was no longer just my own, but was my beautiful daughters. She came into this world and I become someone I never knew was inside. She is my BFF4E.

Now to present, still in California, enjoying the beach, love my church, husbands even more wonderful, actively playing slow pitch softball, I have some amazing friends around me and I take my days one at a time.

I chose to start blogging, just to do something fun for myself. I’m not looking to impress anyone, or to have hundred or thousands of followers. I just want to share my stories, tell my truths, put smiles on faces. Maybe even turn face sideways as they read wondering where I was going with a topic. I just want to share random thoughts, enjoy what God and life has blessed me with.

There is too much serious. Too much sadness. Too much anger. We need more happy, light, life, smiles.

If I can make just ONE person smile, then I have DONE my job.

Peace images-1